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We can configure your vehicle’s Engine control unit (ECU) to improve efficiency and performance through the process known as car remapping, car tuning or chip tuning. Full tuning services for Birkenhead, Liverpool & Wirral areas.



A Dyno allows you to see the true measure of the performance of your vehicle before and after a remap, including the levels of bhp and torque improvement. Dyno testing for all vehicles across Liverpool, Birkenhead and the North West.



A vehicle’s Diesel Particulate Filter can become problematic. We are the experts in Liverpool, Birkenhead and the whole of Merseyside at solving all your DPF problems and other issues, including cleaning your DPF or replacing it.



We can help with all your turbo requirements on Merseyside and Cheshire with turbo repairs and rebuilds. Our turbo services also include converting and upgrading your turbocharger into a more reliable improved unit.


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Over 17 years experience tuning cars & vans in Birkenhead, Wirral, Liverpool and the North West. Extensive training in diagnostics and engine management systems plus expertise in DPF and EGR (exhaust gas regulation) valve issues. Many years experience cleaning DFP filters both for individuals and mainstream manufacturers.

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Engine ECU Remapping FAQs

We recommend you clean your DPF filter rather than remove it to stay within the law.

Ring Ken or Mark for horse power and torque figures specific to your vehicle.

By modifying the engine management software (map) we fine tune the original software to run efficiently; this in itself does not harm your vehicle. If a customer wants a standard remap to produce more power or torque we can cater for their individual needs. Examples would include a van being set up in order to pull a trailer, or a vehicle may be required to gain more bhp for the track or road.

If a vehicle manufacturer states that remapping your ECU will affect the warranty, then the manufacturer must prove the vehicle has been re mapped to invalidate the warranty. This can become very problematic and hard for the manufacturer to investigate and prove.

We would always advise you inform your insurance company about the modification. It has historically been the case that insurers have looked to increase the price of your insurance if you have had a remap, but most insurance companies will now make little or no adjustment to your insurance costs after a vehicle remap.

Engine ECU Remapping <b>FAQs</b>

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    ECU remap

    If you are looking for car remapping in Liverpool and the surrounding areas then Edge Performance have got you covered. We can boost the performance and efficiency of your vehicle with a custom car remap.

    By reconfiguring the engine control unit (ECU) allows your vehicle to reach its true potential – the level of performance of which it had previously been prevented from achieving by limits set at the factory when the vehicle was first produced.

    We have successfully carried out car remapping for thousands of satisfied customers in Liverpool, Merseyside and Cheshire, and are so confident in the car tuning services we provide that we offer a 14-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your vehicle after we get it back to you, we will put it back to its standard setting – with no charge to you.

    Car remapping in Liverpool is done via the on board diagnostics (OBD) port on your vehicle or by bench tuning using the powerful Alientech K Tag. This leads to many benefits to you including improved power, performance, acceleration and responsiveness. A remapped car will enjoy a typically 20-50 bhp improvement and an increase in torque by up to 30%. All this can add up a vehicle that is generally safer overtaking and offers greater fuel economy.

    All our car remapping in Liverpool is specifically tailored to your vehicle and specific requirements. We can remove the speed and rev limits restriction previously imposed on your vehicle and re-programme your ECU to give you better performance or improved fuel economy. This can have the effect of your vehicle experiencing improved horsepower, much like a higher specification vehicle, but all with the same engine.

    Car remapping is perfectly safe. We create the correct software for your specific vehicle and do not do anything that would jeopardise your engine or drivetrain. Our aim is for you to be 100% satisfied with the performance and delivery of power or economy following your car remapping in Liverpool.

    Edge Performance Remap Cars and Vans and offer complete DPF, Turbo and Dyno services in Merseyside, Wirral, Liverpool, Heswall, Birkenhead, Formby, Southport, St Helens, Warrington, Runcorn, Ellesmere Port, Wallasey, Widnes, Bebington, Bromborough, West Kirby, Hoylake, Waterloo, Litherland, Aintree, Fazakerley, Bootle, Everton, Kensington, Edge Hill, Wavertree, Toxteth, Aigburth, Woolton, Gateacre, Broadgreen, Hunts Cross, Garston, Crosby, New Brighton, Chester, Rhyl, Holywell, Knowsley, Maghull, Kirkby, Ormskirk, Allerton, Anfield, Bellevale, Birkdale, Walton, Widnes, Whiston, Kirkdale, Knotty Ash, Speke, Stockbridge Village, Melling, Mossley Hill, Ford, Gillmoss, Newton-le-Willows, Litherland, Grassendale, Prenton, Prescot, Rainford, Rainhill, Rock Ferry.

    Car turboEdge Performance provide the following services: ECU remapping, Custom tuning, DPF/EGR solutions and repair/replace, Speed limiter removal, Lamda and CAT removal, Diagnostics, Turbo repairs and reconditioning, DPF cleaning and regeneration, EGR cleaning, EGR blanking, Swirl flap removal, Swirl Flap blanking, Fault code erase (malfunction indicator lamp), ECU repair and unlock service. We are Mitsubishi & Land Rover/Range Rover specialists and also provide BMW ZF8 Gearbox Tuning. All our work is backed by our money back guarantee, and if your performance after a remap is not what you expected, we’ll put your ECU  back to standard at no additional cost.