Frequently Asked Questions

Manufacturers programme their ECUs so that most of their vehicles perform at way below their potential. They’re basically detuned to increase reliability and increase fuel economy. Some manufacturers will heavily detune their engines to create lower-spec models and meet insurance or economy regulations.

A performance remap can significantly increase fuel economy as it adds torque and brake horse power can be improved. What is important to recognise is that in most cases cars engines are built to perform better than they actually do. One explanation for this is that car manufacturers often launch performance versions of the car and they don’t usually put a new engine in when they do this. Effectively, if you opt for a performance remap from a garage you are in many instances simply upgrading to an improved or sportier version of your car but at a much lower price than buying the manufacturers branded racy equivalent.

We recommend you clean your DPF filter rather than remove it to stay within the law.

Ring Ken or Mark for horse power and torque figures specific to your vehicle.

By modifying the engine management software (map) we fine tune the original software to run efficiently; this in itself does not harm your vehicle. If a customer wants a standard remap to produce more power or torque, we can cater for their individual needs. Examples would include a van being set up in order to pull a trailer, or a vehicle may be required to gain more bhp for the track or road.

If a vehicle manufacturer states that remapping your ECU will affect the warranty, then the manufacturer must prove the vehicle has been re mapped to invalidate the warranty. This can become very problematic and hard for the manufacturer to investigate and prove.

We would always advise you inform your insurance company about the modification. It has historically been the case that insurers have looked to increase the price of your insurance if you have had a remap, but most insurance companies will now make little or no adjustment to your insurance costs after a vehicle remap.

Each vehicle has its own pros and cons, prices range from £180 to £400. Tuning on the Dyno ‘rolling road’ incurs additional charge.

Edge Performance will set your ECU to standard for free.

Remapping does put slightly more strain on an engine but you can be sure with our service and set up that this will never reach a dangerous level as the maximum safe performance levels will not be exceeded.

We use Alientech and Autotuner to read and write software into engine control units.

We use up-to-date start-of-the-art Snap-on Diagnostics and Autel diagnostics equipment. We also carry VAGCOM for VAG range of cars and vans.

Typically an eco map will produce 15-18% fuel efficiency improvement. A stage 1 performance map  will bring an 8-12% fuel efficiency improvement, while a stage 2 performance map will lead to a 4-6% efficiency.

If you have a van and carry heavy loads, then sometimes a remap can really help the driveability of the vehicle, giving you more pull so you can get up hills effectively.

Yes, it is legal to modify your car.

Yes, as long as it is within safe parameters that we quote and install on every car.

Definitely, for fuel efficiency alone. The engine becomes quieter, more efficient and pulls better. Typically within 3,000-5,000 miles of driving the efficiency saving will effectively have paid for itself.

Frequently Asked Questions


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