DPF cleaning and solutions in Wirral

If your dashboard is illuminated with the dreaded DPF warning light then Edge Performance can have you quickly back on the road. We provide effective solutions to your DPF problems with options including forcing a regeneration cycle, removing the DPF filter and cleaning it, or replacing with a new DPF filter.

Diesel Particulate FilterMain causes of DPF problems 

  • Blocked with soot 
  • Wrong engine oil 
  • Faulty injectors 
  • Oil leaking from turbo 
  • Lack of servicing 
  • EGR valves faulty and sticking open 
  • Exhaust gas temperature sensors faulty 

Symptom of DPF problems 

  • Limp mode activated 
  • Loss of power 
  • Stuttering engine 
  • DPF light on 
  • Engine management light on 
  • White smoke from exhaust 

BMWSolutions to DPF problems

  1. Force a regeneration cycle
  2. Remove DPF filter and clean
  3. Replace with new DPF filter

As you can see lots of options, some of the methods of cleaning a DPF work on certain vehicles better than others.

If a DPF is blocked due to an oil leak of some description you cannot recover a DPF without removing it. However, a filter that is blocked due to an over accumulation of soot can be removed, cleaned and replaced fairly cheaply rather than replacing with a brand new unit.EGR Valves are notorious for sticking open and these can also cause a DPF to block and throw up engine fault lights.

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We will always recommend the best and cheapest solution for every vehicle.

Range RoverDPF Prices from:

  • DPF Regeneration £40.00
  • DPF Chemical cleaning £70.00
  • DPF Removal and clean £300.00
  • All prices excluding VAT.

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Edge Performance are noted for our high quality work, reliability and friendly customer service. We offer no-quibble guarantees on all work undertaken. We are an independent business and provide reliable services throughout Wirral, Liverpool and the North West.


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