What is a Dyno?

V-tech DynoA Dyno or Dynamometer  allows you to see the true measure of the performance of your vehicle, and when combined with a vehicle remap, will display in raw figures the level of improvement experienced by your vehicle.

Edge Performance have invested in a new top of the range V-tech 1200 horse power inertia braked Dyno with advance live diagnostics. This allows us to run your vehicle on what is effectively a ‘rolling road’ to get a measure of your vehicle’s performance.

We will run your vehicle on the Dyno prior to the remap and then be able to compare the accurate before and after figures once your vehicle has been remapped.

What should I expect to see after my car remap?

A dyno tested remap will give you accurate performance figures and should reveal:

  • More power (bhp)
  • More torque
  • Better efficiency


What if I just want to see my car’s performance stats without having a remap?

If you just want to see how your car is performing but don’t want a remap then we can do this for you. Some people often just want to see if their car, especially if it is old, has dropped by any brake horse power in the years they have owned it. The Dyno test, consisting of several runs to establish a baseline figure, will reveal this. A Dyno Car on Dynorun alone will cost £40.

What are the benefits of using a Dyno for remapping?

A Dyno allow you to see what difference your new map makes to your vehicle. By doing several power runs you’ll be able to clearly see the performance improvements. It also provides the technician with the opportunity to identify and address any power problem across the rev range.

Being able to do several runs allows optimum tuning, and means that there will be solid evidence in the stats generated of the vehicle performance enhancement. This is great for the confidence of our customers across Birkenhead, Liverpool and Merseyside, who’ll be able to clearly see that their car remapping has been worthwhile.

Get in touch with us about your Dyno testing requirements by phone 0151 647 6296 or email: [email protected]


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