If your Ford Transit Custom 2.2 litre isn’t giving you the drive you’ve wanted, then an engine remap from Edge Performance will provide you with improved driveability and performance. We create reliable bespoke custom maps to re-configure your vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) and give you the extra performance and efficiency that your vehicle was prevented from achieving by its factory settings when it originally rolled off the production line.

Ford Transit remap

Ford Transit Remapping Liverpool & North West

Performance enhancements are made by reconfiguring your van’s engine control unit (ECU). We do not change any hardware in your vehicle, but instead modify the operating parameters in the ECU map.

Also known as chip tuning, car tuning, engine remapping, car remapping, ECU remapping, having an engine remap carried out on your Ford Transit Custom will boost performance and the miles per gallon you can get from your van.

From our Merseyside workshop, we provide a  reliable tuning service covering Liverpool and the wider North West region. Tuning is usually completed via the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port on the vehicle or by bench tuning using the powerful Alientech K Tag.

All our work is backed with a 14-day money-back guarantee, meaning if you are not satisfied with the performance of your Ford Transit Custom 2.2 following a remap, we will return your vehicle back to its standard settings without charge. We always keep a back up of your original software settings so we can easily revert it back if required.

Getting a Ford Transit Custom remap is a short-term expense that will bring you long-term gain, especially with the MPG savings you’ll enjoy. For most vehicles it usually takes around 1-1.5 hours to complete the chip tuning process. After this, you can be confident that your van is performing at all times at the peak of its powers.

What are the benefits of remapping your Ford Transit Custom 2.2 ?

  • Smoother power delivery, better response making the Ford Transit Custom’s engine more responsive to acceleration
  • Increased power and performance, typically 15-30% power improvement
  • Improved acceleration
  • Increased Torque (NM) by as much as 30%
  • Safer overtaking
  • An efficient and noticeably quieter engine
  • Greater fuel economy saving with up to 15% improvement
  • Custom-made files (MAPS)
  • Diagnostics and data logging before and after tuning

Dyno-testing in Liverpool & North West

Ford Transit remapNeed an indication of how much your Ford Transit Custom’s performance has been boosted by a remap? Our top-of-the-range V-tech 1200hp Dyno, with advance live diagnostics, allows us to tune your Ford Transit Custom 2.2 to perfection. Using the Dyno rolling road, we’ll demonstrate the power and performance improvements after your car remap by comparing your before and after vehicle stats. You can expect to see a very noticeable improvement in bhp, torque and efficiency following a Ford Transit remap.

Trust us with your Ford Transit Custom remap

Edge Performance have an excellent reputation for the quality of the service we provide, not just when it comes to car remapping but also other automotive services.  Our no-quibble guarantee means that we will return your vehicle back to how it was previously set up, if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your Ford Transit Custom 2.2 litre engine remap. As an independent Merseyside-based business, we provide reliable car remapping, tuning, and other vehicle services throughout Liverpool and the North West. Check out our reviews to see the level of satisfaction from our customers.

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