Gearbox Tuning Frequently Asked Questions

Gearbox remapping can transform the performance of your vehicle. By remapping the gearbox will allow your vehicle to reach the level of performance of which it is capable, and removes some of the limitation placed on the vehicle’s gearbox by the manufacturers.

Automatic gearboxes have a maximum torque limit set when the vehicle is first produced and this prevents the vehicle reaching its maximum potential. We adjust those limits so your car can enjoy many performance benefits including increased torque limiters, faster shift speed, smoother transition of gears, and modified shift points. This allows you vehicle to outperform its previous factory standard set-up.

We use transmission tuning software to transform your overall driving experience. The software is tailored to your specific vehicle and will transform the transmissions behaviour once the previously set limits have been reset. The transmission tuning software we use is highly reliable and safe.

Mass production of vehicles means cheaper build costs for manufacturers. They are able to build the same gearbox but set it up differently via the software for multiple models of=r variants in their car range. Higher spec vehicles will have higher shift patterns and shift speed than the standard models.

Edge Performance offer several different gearbox calibrations tailored to your driving needs, depending on whether you want improved efficiency, more responsiveness, or a more sporty set up. A stage 1 software tune focuses on comfort and economy and could, depending on your vehicle and driving style, bring you miles per gallon improvements of up to 15%. A stage 2 software tune is for drivers wanting faster shifting and an overall more responsive driving experience. A Stage 3 software tune is the most sporty set-up and allows the vehicle and it’s auto transmission to perform at level it was previously prevented from doing so.

Edge Performance offer DSG gearbox tuning for Audi and other types of vehicle. The DSG (Direct-Shift Gearbox) is a semi-automatic gearbox, having two clutches, meaning that as you select one gear, the next is automatically pre-selected, enabling much faster gear changes. The DSG was the first dual-clutch transmission but plenty of manufacturers, including Citroen, Ford, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Porsche and Volvo, have developed DSG-style gearboxes, each with their own names and abbreviations. We can adjust the maximum torque limit of your DSG gearbox to improve its performance. Adjustments to your gearbox system can increase shift speeds by as much as 20%, reducing lag and therefore improving acceleration, as well as providing a smoother transition between gear changes. 

We can tune your ZF8 gearbox so that you can get the most out of your BMW. Our gearbox tuning for vehicles with ZF8HP automatic transmissions allows us to unlock your gearbox to improve performance and your overall driving experience. All new 8-speed BMW auto models, whether rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive, use the ZF8HP gearbox and these can be transformed once the limits set by the manufacturer have been changed. Vehicles we can offer a ZF8 gearbox tuning service for include BMW 1 to 7 Series and X3 to X7 Series vehicles.

We believe so, and so do our customers. Not only will you enjoy a better drive, but depending on what set up you go for, you could even end up with a more efficient drive that brings you more miles to the gallon. If better responsiveness or a more sporty set up are your main concern, then you will not be disappointed with a gearbox tune.

Quite the opposite can be the case, as a gearbox tune can lead to increased fuel efficiency as a result of less power loss through the drivetrain. Since a higher percentage of the engine power makes it to the wheels earlier, this means the engine is driving the wheels more of the time. The result of a gearbox tune can therefore be reduced fuel consumption.

If you’re looking for even better performance from your vehicle then a gearbox remap is the perfect accompaniment to an engine remap. To enjoy maximum performance gain, book your gearbox tune at the same time as your engine remap to really see the full potential of your vehicle. Gearbox remapping offers the many additional benefits over and above our engine ECU remapping.

A gearbox tune could potentially invalidate a warranty. Modern diagnostic systems possessed by many car dealerships could detect whether a vehicle has had a gearbox remap (or an engine remap for that matter). While not all manufacturers look to detect this or have the ability to detect it, all tuning on your vehicle is carried out at your discretion. If the car is still under warranty, or has had work carried out on it under warranty, you should certainly bear this in mind.

If you wish to have the car reversed back to standard then this can be done. You may wish to do this, if for example you are looking to sell the vehicle, but reversing a gearbox tune can be done by us.

Gearbox Tuning Frequently Asked Questions


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