Car Remapping Wirral & Liverpool

If your car is not performing as it should do, then maybe an engine remap could be in order. Edge Performance create bespoke custom maps to re-configure your vehicle’s Engine control unit (ECU) to provide you with maximum performance benefits and economy. Our tuning service comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.

Edge Performance ServicesDPF Wirral & Liverpool

If your dashboard is illuminated with the dreaded DPF warning light then Edge Performance can have you quickly back on the road. We provide effective solutions to your DPF problems with options including forcing a regeneration cycle, removing the DPF filter and cleaning it, removing the DPF completely from vehicle’s exhaust, or replacing with a new DPF filter.

Turbos Wirral & Liverpool

Is your turbo-charged vehicle feeling less than super-charged? We specialise in turbo repair and rebuilds, upgrades and repairs and can bring your turbo car back to life. With complete turbo rebuilds, conversions to hybrid turbos, pressure smoke testing and our rapid rebuild/exchange services, we can restore or improve your turbo vehicle’s power and performance.

Dyno-testing Wirral & Liverpool

Want to see a true measure of your vehicle’s performance and power improvement? Our top-of-the-range V-tech 1200hp Dyno with advance live diagnostics allows us to accurately tune your vehicle to perfection. We’ll be able to show you before and after stats from your vehicle on our Dyno ‘rolling road’ and you’ll undeniably be impressed by the improved bhp, torque and efficiency improvements that result.

Our Reputation

Edge Performance are noted for our high quality work, reliability and friendly customer service. We offer no-quibble guarantees on all work undertaken, and in the case of our engine remapping services can return your vehicle back to its previous state, if you are not satisfied after a full engine remap.

We are an independent business and provide reliable car remapping, tuning, and other services throughout Liverpool, Merseyside and the surrounding areas.


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Over 17 years experience tuning cars & vans in Birkenhead, Wirral, Liverpool and the North West. Extensive training in diagnostics and engine management systems plus expertise in DPF and EGR (exhaust gas regulation) valve issues. Many years experience cleaning DFP filters both for individuals and mainstream manufacturers.

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