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Car turboOur sister business Liverpool Turbos specialise in all your turbocharger needs including turbo rebuilds, upgrades and repairs. We can help you should you be experiencing problems with your turbocharged car. 

Liverpool Turbos use ISO 9001 registered UK made Melett precision engineered Turbo chargers and parts for all rebuilds.

Whether it’s a boost leak or you are seeing some errors being flagged on the dashboard, we can sort your turbo issue for you.

Our turbo services includes the following:

Turbo Rebuilds

If your turbocharged car has suffered a loss in performance recently then it could be that your turbo needs some attention. We can diagnose the problem with your turbocharger which could be due to one of a number of issues including:

  • Compressor/turbine wheel damage caused by a foreign object entering the compressor housing
  • Lateral Movements or ‘play’ in the turbo-shaft
  • Sticky turbo vanes which can often cause lack of power
  • Actuator/wastegate issues which can affect the power output of the turbocharger

TurboRapid Rebuild/Exchange Service 

If your turbo is damaged or needs repairing, we have a service available to recondition the turbo within 48hrs. If we have your turbo in stock, with our speedy service we can recondition within 2hrs. How’s that for service? 

Pressure Smoke Testing 

Using our Snap-On state of the art pressure smoke testing machine we can quickly identify potential leaks in your air intake, turbo and exhaust. 

Damage caused by DPF issues 

We frequently see car coming into us who have damaged their vehicle’s turbo while attempting to hammer their vehicle on the motorway in a badly misguided attempt to clear a DPF issue. Trying to do this can often just end up damaging the turbo and is frequently the reason we see cars coming into us with both DPF and turbo issues. 

Get in touch with us about your turbo needs in Liverpool, Wirral and all Merseyside areas. Either contact us by phone 0151 647 6296 or email: [email protected]


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